4 Reasons to Consider Squeezing Into a Micro Apartment

micro apartment building seattle

Much controversy has been generated by the recent development of micro apartments and tiny houses. These are smaller than normal living spaces, which in the case of micro apartments often means less than 300 sq ft. They have emerged as an option for environmentally conscious young professionals and students to live in parts of town where they would otherwise be unable to economically sustain themselves. The rent is just too damn high. A lot of people hate the idea of these micro flats.”How could anyone live like that?” some people wonder. “These new buildings are ruining property values!” real estate agents complain. If you have a family of 2 or require a lot of space for your hair dryer, I’m sure you’ve already concluded these little apartments are not for you. Not everyone needs or wants a lot of room though. Here are a few reasons why some of us(at least for a while) wouldn’t mind calling a micro apartment our home:

1. They’re Affordable
This is perhaps the most obvious selling point. In many thriving metropolitan cities, cost of living has long ago outpaced real wages. Places in the heart of San Francisco, Seattle and Portland are expensive and almost impossible to afford for many of the young single professionals work in the city. This tends to require people to make long commutes from far off suburbs or have to hunker down like turtles at the mercy of slumlords in nearby ghettos. That or they end up packed like sardines into an decent but “communal” apartment with bunch of random roommates of various quality and shadiness. Micro apartments allow you to sacrifice space for affordability, privacy and the chance to live in a small compartment in the best part of town.

2. Good for the Environment
No big surprise here. Micro apartment buildings are designed specifically to be energy efficient in all areas. From low-flow shower heads to compact fluorescent light bulbs, these were built for green living. The small area also requires less energy to heat, cool or light. There is so little to do in one of these apartments that unless you turn your room into a bitcoin mining outpost, it’s difficult to see how you could ever run up much of a utility bill. Also, the fact that you can live right where the action is(and likely close to work) means you’ll be using less gas and may not even need to drive an automobile at all.

micro apartment room with window

3. Minimalist Lifestyle
One might think of the idea of being cramped in a tiny apartment as being a stressful thought in and of itself. Instead of falling victim to an anxiety induced cheek bite, chew on this for a second. when I look around at all the junk I’ve accumulated over the years cluttered about, it stressed me out. Life is one’s head is complicated and heavy enough without having a ton of crap in the physical world to weigh you down(and yes I realize that thoughts themselves are technically a physical manifestation, but you know what I mean.) I have fantasies about chucking all my material possessions and going back to basics. At one time I lived for 2 years in a small studio apartment armed with nothing but a $20 cot from Target to sleep on and a Super Nintendo for recreational activity. Those were simple yet carefree times. Micro apartments allow for this kind of minimalist lifestyle. Small spaces can be liberating after all.

4. The Views
Believe it or not, many of these micro apartments come equipped with breathtaking views. The units are often situated in modernist mini high-rise buildings. One of the rare features these units have is large windows. After all, if there’s not room to do anything else your apartment, at least you can gaze outside from the 7th floor and stare at the Cascades all day.

micro flat rooftop view

Attractive Qualities Emerging in Tractor Beam Technology

Tractor Beams

For years the term “tractor beam” has been synonymous with the science fiction technology that we see in movies, television or read about in books. Tractor beams are basically beams of energy that have the ability to move objects or pull objects closer to the source of the beam. Some fictional examples of tractor beams include the Enterprise in “Star Trek” and the common theory that flying saucers have the ability to lift people into their ships through a tractor beam at their base. But now, tractor beams may become part of real life the same way mobile phones have become part of real life, even though they were once considered science fiction as well.

The emerging tractor beam technology seems to be starting with a sonic tractor beam created by British scientists which has the ability to turn, levitate, pull and push objects. This beam is dependent on a sequence of sound waves that are timed precisely in order to create an area of low pressure which can trap objects that are small. Then the sound waves are used to move the objects around as they please. However, this technology can only work on small objects at the moment. British scientists and researchers from the University of Sussex and the University of Bristol have been able to move particles that have a diameter of up to 3.1 mm. In order to do this, they used acoustic transducers to create acoustic force fields that could move these objects. Even though these objects are small, it makes scientists wonder how this technology can be advanced into other areas later on down the road. For example, this tractor beam technology could be used to manipulate cells within the human body and cause them to move too. This could do wonders for treating patients and advancing modern medicine.

This tractor beam technology is still in its infancy stage. Speculation surrounding it suggests that law enforcement officers of the future will be able to have non-lethal weapons using this technology that can stop attackers or suspects at close range. As the technology grows into moving bigger objects, the possibilities are endless. The military could build bases through acoustic force fields or catch planes in the air that are about to crash on the ground. We might not even have to fight wars anymore with boots on the ground because we will eventually have the ability to move objects on the ground through a tractor beam in outer space.